It’s MONDAY again, and it’s ELECTRIC!

Every Monday at Kit Kat Club we strive to bring you some of Berlin’s legends ,International Djs, upcoming talent, Live Acts etc. A night where traveling DJs and Live Acts simmer down from the weekend to play you some fine music, exploring genres and picking out records to move you right. Be it on vinyl or digital, Deep House or Techno, groovy cuts, ,trendy hip styles or classic vibes, this is your night. 

No limits, it’s a fun night seamlessly mixed . It’s the pulse of Berlin which ticks on and on… ELECTRIC MONDAY is the place to be, designed for this purpose. Just the right dose of clubbing . SEE YOU ON MONDAY!

Come In with OR without Dresscode – wear what you want – just be yourself, put on your dancing shoes on ; bring & spread love; melt with the Vibe. Get wild , get sexy on the floor. Strictly NO PHONES, CAMERAS No VIDEOS AND PHOTOGRAPHY inside

DJ-MIX this week

The first mix we would like to feature is from 18 year old Berliner, Rik Laren. Having firm roots in Detroit based electronica, this guy is sure to be one of the future DJs in Berlin. Listen & Enjoy.



Berlin, 11 December 2014. This week , we would like to feature a certain Mr Snoid. Active since his teenage years by listening to disco and funk , Snoid also reads the news on German radio. Just till about 2 years ago, Snoid became interested in Djing and he picked up mixing on vinyl and cds. This is what came out of it. Snoid is also known as Bitch on Fire. Burn, baby, Burn !

Berlin, 20 December 2014. Its Saturday, its raining outside and Christmas is just around the corner, hmm, so it looks like it wont snow this year..Mother Nature has decided not to fulfill our wishes but who knows? She might change her mind..but we have some music for you , as usual..from Berlin, also someone who is very talented, he started playing on vinyl some 3 years ago, took drum lessons and it seems like he is finding his way , developing himnself and dishing out some nice DJ sets. Our 3rd feature is Mallone or Nick, as i know him..and of course his buddies. Electric Monday Resident.

Berlin, 05 January 2015
It was snowing outside, during Christmas as well! The New Year ahs come & gone. YES. Hail 2015. This weeks mix is by Suzy Stojic, alias Q-Zen. Suzy played for us in July 2014, during our last month in Tresor after 3 years of establishing Mondays in there since 2011. WE look forward to Q-Zen playing with us again when she decides to sit on that plane to take that long long journey crossing continents just to take us on another long journey in the gorgeous KITKAT club where we currently are since November 2014…, here’s Suzy on a 2 hour mix. Thnx Suzy!

Berlin, 13 January 2015
The sun is shining today! Been a week of rain and windy weather..well, all that is changed. This weeks mix features Berlins Oliver Tabillion from Music Coutoure. A journey into the depths of deephouse and funky techno at times, seamlessly mixed. Oliver is an Electric Monday Resident…now you know why . Enjoy ! Love from Berlin.

Berlin 31.03.2015
Its windy here in Berlin , skies are gloomy and its about to break out in a storm..simply fitting (after a pause) we would like to feature a certain John Gham, Argentinian prolific artist who happens to be our Resident and has played with us in 3 of our last venues , the current one being the super gorgeous KitKat…let the Mix speak for itself. Here is John Gham.

Berlin 12.04.2015
Sunday it is, the week after Easter and this city hasnt slowed down one bit. Our feature this week is a young talented Berlinerin (ha! german grammar in english) who loves her industrial Techno. She has played in Kosmonaut and many more clubs here and is surely a promising player in Berlin for the future. Sylvie Maziarz. Young. Talented.Soon again during Electric Monday. Here with a dj Mix.

Berlin 08.05.2015
Our next Podcast comes from Alex Piccinni ,who records under Cecille and many other quality imprints. Alex stamped his residency with us the first night he played for us. Sometimes one just knows it when things feel right. Enjoy this Podcats which is exclusively done for Electric Monday. Enjoy this and check our adverts online for his next appearance with us.

Berlin, 25 September 2015

Umberto or Bert as he is affectionately known is our next DJ we would love to highlight.Coming from the lovely town of Portogruero , near Venice, Umberto has been a player for some time. Its not very often these days that one bumps into Djs who have spent years collecting some of the most precious vinyl around, from Larry Levans performances on vinyl or rare white copies of music which appeals to the ear without bothering about it being hyped artists or not. This is a sign of timelessness. This is a sign of ear first, image later.Bert delivers a mix here encompassing electronica, we will definitely highlight more mixes from him in an unquantized manner, disco for example, on vinyl..ach well those who know..know. Enjoy.

Berlin, 26 September 2015

Been waiting for this from Micha Stahl. Veteran Berliner DJ who runs FilouMusic, who has been in the scene for ages, since way back then during the Casino days, which was located at Muhlenstrasse , where Ostgut began too. The legendary Sunday afternoon hinterhof parties which drew in the cops at 22.00 due to noise ..yup, those were the days. The parties were then forced to go back inside the club where it went on till the wee hours of Monday morning. Micha Stahl is an Electric Monday resident. Here is why. Enjoy.

Berlin, 10.2.2016
It was last year in Summer 2015 when Apoena made his debut with us, having flown for over 18 hours to play in Berlin. And boy did he have a good time and rock as well. This Weeks Mix comes submitted from one of our residents in Brazil. Jogo Bonito !!

Berlin 07.10.2016
Bruno Otranto made his debut with us this year …and he recorded it too !

Berlin 07.10.2016

Gavio is Portuguese and living in Berlin. He made his debut with us and all ill say is , take a listen. Delightful .

Berlin 27.02.2017
Its gorgeous outside, well as we grow and include many more artists in our Pool we would like to also highlight young promising talent from Berlin. This is a B2B mix from Rik Laren and Pluckuma. Enjoy.

Berlin 11.03.2017

This weeks mix comes from Berliner duo Joker &Rough. Listen !!!!!

Berlin , April 2017

This was recorded live during Barbara Mayra & MZ Sunday luv’s gig with us early this month.

Berlin July 2017

Electric Monday resident Djane Diana May delivers a mix for your listening pleasure !

Berlin, 19 October 2017
Dario, who played with us twice, comes up with his mix here. Techno.

Berlin , 25 October 2017

Erta Ale made his debut with us a few months ago. Here is a mix by him just for us.
WELCOME to the Club.

Berlin ,June 2018
Summer has arrived -its hot as its dropped; and it looks like the heat will definitely be around for a bit..this summer we have an exciting programme for all of you, plus the pool will be open too on selected nights. Now, its back to music, this next mix is from Karina, Zoo Projects resident ; who made her debut with us in January 2018.

Berlin, June 2018

Jasmine made her debut with us some months back and she is set to play again on the 02.07.2018. Hailing from Shanghai, China , she definitely is a name to look out for in the future. Thnx for the mix.

Berlin, June 2018

Niina has been with us since 2015- originally from Sweden, she has beein actively touring the Asian circuit an dis a resident in Kudeta Bali amonsgt many other venues. Here is her mix.

Berlin June 2018

Alex Monster as she is affectionately known, is one half of the awesome, highly successful Little Helpers label.She has been a Resident with us since 2015. Catch her play with us on the 06.08.2018.

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